On-line, on-site, and public workshops designed to help you explore leadership, understand the dynamics of self-organizing teams, and boost your overall productivity.

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Online Courses

My online courses consist of short posts, videos, and downloadable worksheets and tools. I’ve structured the courses in digestible chunks released over a several weeks. All courses are self-paced, and you can start and finish when you choose.

Powerful Retrospectives

What Is a Retrospective?

Retrospectives create an opportunity for a team to learn and improve. It is a special meeting outside the normal rhythm of work, where a team can consider the way they are working— technical practices, collaboration with the team and with other groups, how work flows into the team, obstacles—anything that relates to the team increasing their ability to deliver valuable products and satisfaction with the way they work. It’s a time for the team to inspect and adapt.

Who Is It For?

This class is for people with an array of experience with retrospectives–whether you are a Scrum Master who just learned about retrospectives, a team member participating in retrospectives, have lead a dozen retrospectives, or want to move beyond “What worked well / What should we do differently” lists. If you want to gain confidence to hold retrospectives that help your team improve, this class is for you.

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On-site Courses

My on-site courses are hands-on and based on sound principles of experiential learning. These are not lectures with slides. Participants engage in exercises, simulations, and small group discussion to explore concepts, models, and tools.

Coaching Teams

Learn to coach at the team level.

Make the most of your coaching. Sixty per cent of the variation in team productivity comes from how well a team is designed and supported. Team effectiveness is the result of those enabling conditions and the interactions of team members. Learn how to observe and assess enabling conditions for teamwork, plus team interactions, & dynamics.

Coaching Beyond the Team

Learn how to coach beyond the team.
Agile coaches and Scrum Masters face many challenges. They have no authority to insist people listen or do, yet managers and executives expect organization-wide results from their activities. Furthermore, many executives see clearly how teams should change, but don’t see how the environment or their own actions impact teams. Handing those managers an impediment list isn’t a winning strategy.

In our Coaching Beyond the Team workshop, you will learn how to establish credibility and rapport to influence and coach beyond the team. You’ll learn how to use diagrams to create understanding, and share data in a way that enables managers to take action.
Also offered as a public class.

Public Courses

Problem-Solving Leadership (PSL)

BENEFITS:  Manage change and practice innovation by becoming a problem solving leader.

Develop your own problem solving style.
PSL is built on sound principles of adult learning theory, general systems thinking, group process concepts, creativity and congruent human interaction.The simulations and other activities are designed to involve you totally in the experience of improving your problem solving effectiveness.

You will take away an increased awareness of your own problem solving style and an understanding and appreciation of the styles of others. You will see how valuing differences can enhance innovation and increase, rather than constrain, your problem solving options. READ MORE…