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Gird Your Loins

….. It’s Time for the Annual Performance Review Vague statements and labels, one-sided evaluations, surprises, and secondhand complaints are just the sorts of things that can make a person want to run away screaming from an annual performance evaluation–probably not the best career move. Here are some tips for dealing with these situations in a

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Eliminate Performance Reviews!

Samuel Culbert interviewed on NPR. Employee performance reviews should be eliminated, according to UCLA business professor Samuel Culbert. “First, they’re dishonest and fraudulent. And second, they’re just plain bad management,” There’s also an excerpt from Culbert’s book,¬†Get Rid of the Performance Review! He doesn’t pull any punches. It’s time to finally put the performance review

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An unambiguous answer

We’ve all heard the jokes about consultants who answer every question, “It depends.” Actually, it often does depend on the context. Not this time. Someone asked me recently if ScrumMasters (or other agile coaches) should be involved in yearly performance reviews, ratings, and rankings. You can read my unambiguous answer here.

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