Scaling Agile Teams: Beyond Scrum of Scrums

Agile methods depend on effective cross-functional teams. We’ve heard many Agile success stories…at the team level. But what happens when a product can’t be delivered by one team?  What do you do when the “team” that’s needed to work on a particular product is 20 people?  Or 20 teams?

There are no simple answers. But there are design principles for defining workable arrangements when the product is bigger than a handful of agile teams.

In this presentation, I outline the challenges of scaling agile teams:

  • Coordinating work across teams
  • Integrating the work of multiple teams
  • Maintaining technical integrity of the system

For each challenge I offer principles to guide your thinking, practices that address the challenge you face when scaling agile. And I’ll offer you pathways to get from where you are now to an optimal agile environment.

If you would like to learn more about how to deal with your specific issues and challenges, call me for a free initial consultation.  I’ll be happy to share ideas and insights with you.  Drop me an email, or call me at +1 612 239 1214.