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Listen to my monthly podcast with Victor Cessan called “Tea And The Law Of Raspberry Jam” or browse some of my recent interviews.

Podcasts & Interviews

Listen to my monthly podcast with Victor Cessan called “Tea And The Law Of Raspberry Jam” or browse some of my recent interviews.

Tea And The Law Of Raspberry Jam

Catch the latest episode of Tea And The Law Of Raspberry Jam, my podcast with Victor Cessan. Viktor and I talk about coaching, systems, management, and whatever else catches our attention.

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Tea and the law of raspberry jam

Latest Episodes

Tea and the law of raspberry jam

Latest Episodes

Episode 9: Coaching Teams that Do Not Want to be Coached

July 13, 2019

People often ask us, “How do you coach a team that doesn’t want coaching?”  The obvious–and not very satisfying answer–is “You don’t.” But there are actions you can take that may lead to an invitation to coach.  There are also things you can do that aren’t “coaching” that can affect a team’s ability to work more effectively.

In this episode, we’ll share our experiences of “inflicted help” and offer ideas on shifting the dynamic to a better outcome.

Episode 8: Entering Systems

June 18, 2019

As consultants we both enter new systems on a regular basis. But even if you are working in a company, any time you interact with a new group, you are entering that system, and you will have an impact on that group. The thing is, because you are new, you don’t know what has happened before you got there, what the struggles have been, what the norms are.  So it is useful to enter with clarity about your own intentions, and a clear commitment to understand who the group was before you. As a newcomer, you are looking at the group with fresh eyes. Your insights are more likely to be accepted, if you stand in curiosity, rather than judgement.


In this episode we’re shifting focus a bit–but still, we come back to questions. The questions that we ask ourselves, and some that you might ask for self-reflection. Sign up to our newsletter on our website to download our episode notes and reflection questions.

Episode 7: Asking Better Questions – Assumptions

May 13, 2019

Our third and final episode (for now) about asking better questions is finally out! In it we talk about the assumptions embedded in questions. We all make assumptions, based on our view of the world, our background, and other factors. Becoming aware of our own assumptions can help us ask better questions. Becoming aware of others’ assumptions can help us understand how others see the world. When we can identify assumptions, we can examine them, test them, and arrive at a shared understanding.

Episode 6: Asking Better Questions – How Different Structures of Questions Function

April 13, 2019

For the most part, we’ve learned how to ask questions from the way people have asked us questions, but also through observing and imitating our parents, teachers, and other people in authoritative positions. Very often the question we are asked in school have a right answer, they are closed or multiple choice which is a variation of a closed question. As a result, our questions are often not nearly as effective as they can be and in this episode, we explore the structure of questions and how the structure impacts their usefulness or effectiveness. We also discuss the scope of a question and how that can either empower or disempower the team or people we ask the questions too.

Nurturing Change for Better Outcomes


Nurturing Change for Better Outcomes


The Role of Managers in Agile Organizations

Agile Coaches Corner Podcast | April 19, 2019

Dan Neumann and I chat about The Role of Managers in Agile Organizations.

Spoiler: Managers have a critical and strategic role.

Don't Trust Ryan with Your Agile Laundry

Agile for Humans Podcast | October 6, 2015

Six Rules for Change

Agile 2015 | August 3, 2015

Howard Sublett and I chat about Six Rules for Change, what I’m up to, and of course, rhubarb. The Six Rules grew up to be a book, 7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results.

Coaching Upwards and Still No Silver Bullet

Agile 2014 | August 3, 2014

In which I talk up with my friend Shane Hastie to talk about the allure of silver bullets, and coaching up.

The Language of Change

Agile Alliance | August 3, 2014

Metaphor opens some possibilities and closes others. How we talk about change can make change easier or more difficult.  An interview on The Language of Change.

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