Podcasts & Interviews

Listen to my new monthly podcast, Change by Attraction and The Law of Jam with Viktor Cessan or browse some of my interviews.

Podcasts & Interviews

Listen to my new monthly podcast, Change by Attraction and The Law of Jam with Viktor Cessan or browse some of my interviews.

Tea And The Law Of Raspberry Jam

Catch the latest episode of Tea And The Law Of Raspberry Jam, my podcast with Viktor Cessan. Viktor and I talk about coaching, systems, management, and whatever else catches our attention.

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Change by Attraction

You don’t have to push, prod, persuade or punish people to create change in your organization. This podcast is for people who want to bring change to their team, department, or organization– whether or not they have change management in their job title. Listen strategies, stories of success, and stories of mess. I’ll talk about what makes change possible in modern organizations. You’ll gain insights and inspiration you can use. Check in on the last Wednesday of the month for new episodes.

Look for a new episode last Wednesday of the month.

All episodes are here.

Latest Episodes

Latest Episodes

Tea and the Law of Jam

Change by Attraction

Episode 14: Exiting Systems

August 3, 2020

In an earlier episode, we talked about how to enter a system. Now we’ll talk about how to leave. Parting may cause sadness–we’re ok with people missing us on an interpersonal level. But we work hard to make sure they can carry on just fine without us.

In this episode, we share our thoughts around how to leave, why it matters, and we share some practical tips.

Episode 2: Working by Attraction

August 26, 2020

How do you get your ideas put into practice without pushing and persuading? I’ll tell you about Dan–who inflicted help and failed– and offer some alternatives for working by attraction: Build on what works first Create reciprocity Find allies Model the change

Episode 1: The Language of Change

July 29, 2020

The words we use shape our thinking, and our thinking shapes our actions. The way people talk about change, influences how they plan for a change, what they expect, and how they interact with the people they hope will make changes. What if the language we use makes it harder to bring about the differences we want to see? In this episode, I’ll talk about how metaphor can shape expectation for change.

Nurturing Change for Better Outcomes


Nurturing Change for Better Outcomes


The Role of Managers in Agile Organizations

Agile Coaches Corner Podcast | April 19, 2019

Dan Neumann and I chat about The Role of Managers in Agile Organizations.

Spoiler: Managers have a critical and strategic role.

Don't Trust Ryan with Your Agile Laundry

Agile for Humans Podcast | October 6, 2015

Six Rules for Change

Agile 2015 | August 3, 2015

Howard Sublett and I chat about Six Rules for Change, what I’m up to, and of course, rhubarb. The Six Rules grew up to be a book, 7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results.

Coaching Upwards and Still No Silver Bullet

Agile 2014 | August 3, 2014

In which I talk up with my friend Shane Hastie to talk about the allure of silver bullets, and coaching up.

The Language of Change

Agile Alliance | August 3, 2014

Metaphor opens some possibilities and closes others. How we talk about change can make change easier or more difficult.  An interview on The Language of Change.

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