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Catch the latest episode of Tea and the Law of Raspberry Jam, my podcast with Viktor Cessan. Viktor and I talk about coaching systems, management, and what ever else catches our attention.

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Recent Interviews

Dan Neumann and I chat about The Role of Managers in Agile Organizations. Spoiler: Managers have a critical and strategic role.

Ryan Ripley,Don Gray, Amitai Schlair and I explore trust on the Agile for Humans podcast: Don’t Trust Ryan with Your Agile Laundry.

Howard Sublett and I chat about Six Rules for Change, what I’m up to, and of course, rhubarb. The Six Rules grew up to be a book, 7 Rules for Positive, Productive Change: Micro Shifts, Macro Results.

In which I talk up with my friend Shane Hastie to talk about the allure of silver bullets, and coaching up.

Metaphor opens some possibilities and closes others. How we talk about change can make change easier or more difficult.  An interview on The Language of Change.