Building a Strong Foundation so You Can Lead Your Company

I provide continuous improvement leadership coaching and mentoring for individuals, teams and groups.

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Types of Coaching and Mentoring

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Just-in-Time Coaching is perfect for real-time problem solving, trouble-shooting, and exploring alternate perspectives.  Whether your issue involves leadership or coaching dynamics, a Just-in-Time Coaching session can unblock the issue and provide a path forward.

When you book a Just-inTime Coaching session, come with a defined situation or issue to work on so that we can identify the most effective and appropriate solutions and approaches for you.


For Teams

I provide coaching to teams that are actively working together to achieve a common goal. I can help you understand and fine tune the way you work together, solve problems, and reach decisions.

For Groups of People in Similar Jobs

I help people who are in similar roles learn from each other, see patterns across organizations, and explore new ways of working.

Esther conducted a refreshing, insightful, and very useful retrospective for our project team. She has a gift for listening, perceiving issues, and bringing out ways to improve processes. Our subsequent projects enjoyed concrete benefits in cost savings–as well as in team morale–as a result of the retrospective workshop that Esther conducted for us.”

Robert Rose-Coutre


I provide continuous improvement coaching by phone. Every coaching relationship is unique. I start every engagement with a conversation about your goals and challenges. Our first conversation is always free, and there’s never any obligation.

During our first conversation we’ll get to know each other and determine how best I can help you.

We’ll talk about what you want to get out of coaching, what your goals are, and the topics we might explore. I’ll ask you about your back ground, your current role, and the challenges you face. I’ll share my back ground and experiences and we’ll discuss ideas as we explore the issues you want to tackle.

By the end of the conversation, we’ll both have a better understanding of how we can design a coaching engagement that best speaks to your needs and priorities.

Esther uniquely understands the complexities around technology and people. She clearly communicates the issues and solutions in a practical way that helps leaders navigate those complexities. I highly recommend Esther for your organization!”

Andy Kaufman

Esther has an uncanny ability to throw my thinking on a subject sideways, in a way that fundamentally changes how I approach aspects of my job and career. Through this I’ve become a better manager, leader, and professional.”

Mike Roberts, Co-founder, Symphonia

For Executives

I provide executive coaching and advisory services to help you build a strong foundation and grow your company. I can help you design policies and structures to execute your vision and deliver value to your customers and employees.

For Managers

I can help you build a productive work culture and tailor your management practices. I can help you solve problems, coach you on difficult conversations, and understand what data will help you do your job. If you are new to management, I can help you make a successful transition from doing work to creating an environment for others to do great work.

I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking advice on how to successfully manage a team. In particular I would say that anyone who wants to improve their ability to ‘nip conflict in the bud’ and forge positive working relationships should not hesitate to get in touch.”

Robert Fitzmaurice

Whenever I am stuck I find value in talking things through with Esther. She provides valuable guidance for me on topics ranging from how to change organisations, get people to collaborate, run my own company and write a book. Her open listening, no-nonsense approach and intelligent questions always help me to find a way forward. She's a voice of reason and a treasure trove of relevant research and useful advice."

Sandy Mamoli, co-author of Creating Great Teams: How Self-Selection Lets People Excel
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You know that you’ve been well coached when it pays dividends for several years. While working with Esther, I had one session that was so profound, I’ve called upon it at least once a month for the last two years. Esther provided some insight into how I was approaching some work, which changed how I approached work forever."

Jenny Tarwater, Agile Coach and Trainer

Esther manages to ask questions that get me thinking about a situation in a new, productive way.  She's got what seems an endless list of useful book, blog, or podcast recommendations to supplement whatever subject we might be discussing.  I sometimes think of our calls as "work therapy sessions"; I've started some of our conversations feeling stuck and downhearted, and she always finds a way to help me feel better and more well-equipped to handle the situation.

Esther has a way of helping me step out of my own shadows and self doubts to see the current situation in a whole new light - as the product of a system that can be examined, tested, and nudged. She's kind, sincere, knowledgeable, and has a great sense of humor and I always look forward to our conversations.

In fact, I've learned so much about coaching from Esther that I've been able to help my colleagues when they've been stuck - using many of the same techniques Esther has used to help me.”

Daniel Wellman, Director of Software Development, Intent Media
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