Discovering Opportunities With the Organizational Dynamics Assessment

Assessing your organizational dynamics to uncover key issues and opportunities, and provide guidance to address both.

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Every engagement starts with an exploratory conversation. Our first conversation is always free, and there’s never any obligation.

During our first conversation we’ll get to know each other and determine how best I can help you. We’ll discuss your goals, the problems you see, and any issues you’ve identified. Together we’ll explore where your leverage points may be that can create the positive changes needed to achieve your goals.

Each Assessment is unique and customized to address your specific goals and areas of concern. The scope of an assessment may company-wide in the case of a small businesses, or a department, a project or initiative within a larger organization.

A typical assessment spans three to five days and involves Discovery and Joint Working Sessions to develop an Action Plan that best addresses your objectives. Each Action Plan includes Continuity Coaching to ensure you have the support and guidance to meet your goals.

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My role during the on-site consultation is that of an advisor, providing perspective, experience, and an outsider’s view on your organization and the issues you are facing. I will help you see new opportunities for action, and offer support to help you resolve contradictions and unleash potential.


The Discovery Phase consists of first-hand observation of your team dynamics, management practices, and workflows. The discovery process enables us to develop a holistic view of your company and identify contractions, leverage points, and high benefit opportunities.

The Process

During my visit, we’ll explore your aspirations for your company. I’ll talk to your people in small groups and one-on-one interviews. I’ll observe how your teams interact, how you plan, and how work flows through your organization.

The process reveals the aspects of your organization that are working well, and uncovers contradictions that hinder success. With this holistic view, I can give you guidance that reflects your unique situation and aspirations.



Your values, mission and vision. These are the heart of your organization, why your organization exists.


Policies and Structures. How well your people will be able to put values, mission and vision into action.


A measure of understanding. Clarity ensure that your people know what to work on and why.


Morale acts as a multiplier for the effectiveness of your teams and managers in your organization.


Accomplishing goals. Capacity expands or contracts based on the alignment of foundational elements.


How work flows. All Functional Dynamics touch each other and are necessary for Agile to fully function.


Evidenced by the level of candor, the quality of collaboration and the means provided to your groups do their work.


Relates to the quality and appropriateness of the skills, practices and processes employed in the daily environment.

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After we complete the Discovery Phase, we’ll work together to understand the data, and create an Action Plan. GOALS FOR THE JOINT WORKING SESSION INCLUDE THE FOLLOWING

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Action Planning – Designing Your Organization for Agile Success

Based on an understanding of the current situation, your aspirations and objectives, we’ll determine the most effective way to support positive changes, resolve any contradictions, and provide the greatest benefit across the greatest number of Functional Dynamics.

We’ll identify and prioritize opportunities to maximize your capacity, eliminate wasted effort, and build a strong foundation for growth.

To gain early momentum we will select specific areas where we can elicit the greatest improvement in the simplest, most effective ways. To ensure continuity and coordinated execution of our Action Plan, we will design the most appropriate and effective combination of follow-on Consulting, Coaching, and Training to achieve these goals.

I will work with you and your Management and Teams in the weeks and months following the On-Site Consultation to help you achieve early successes in key areas to lay a sound foundation for ongoing organizational improvement.

As your dynamics improve and capacity increases, we will be able to adapt our Action Plan so we are always addressing and prioritizing your needs effectively.

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The following is a general description of how I facilitate and guide the successful execution of an Action Plan by working across the organization with key individuals and teams. I will recommend the best approach for your company and will customize options to best fit your requirements.

Executive Consulting and Coaching

  • Consulting and ongoing support in building a strong foundation to grow your company.
  • Advice in designing policies and structures that both deliver values to your customers, your employees, and further your vision for the company.

Management Coaching

  • Facilitating planning and problem solving.
  • Supporting managers to build a productive culture.
  • Engaging management practices that support your culture.

Team Coaching

  • Facilitating team problem-solving, working sessions, or planning.
  • Supporting the team to understand and improve their work flow and dynamics.


Based on the needs we discover, I’ll develop customized interactive training. Given the costs and logistics involved, we’ll leverage technology such as Skype, conference calls, and webinars. Given this format, I recommend using short sessions with activities and email interactions between sessions.

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