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Supporting Team-Based Work

Many of the companies I work with want the benefit of the team effect in software development. The managers in these companies recognize the enormous benefits teams provide to the company–creativity, engagement, learning. However, in many of these companies, the HR systems focus only on individual accomplishment. Individual goals, individual bonuses and merit-pay processes cause

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Interviewing Your Next Boss

Authors Note:  The relationship between an employee and his/her manager determines how long a person stays with a company and to some extent how productive he’ll be while he is there.  That relationship also plays a part in stress level,and physical health. Choose carefully. A couple of times in my career I’ve ended up with

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The Appreciation Gap

Authors note: A recent blog post on Bob Sutton’s Work Matters reminded me of this little piece I wrote a while ago. A simple thank you can make a difference; appreciation builds good will, and reminds people that they are valued as human beings, not just as CPUs (Code Producing Units) or FTEs (Full Time

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Know Thy Customer

© 2010 Esther Derby Understanding the market and your customers (and potential customers) is the first step in building products that will sell and keep the business in business. You need to know enough about both so that you can plan your product investments and know which features to deliver when. If you aren’t sure

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