Daily Stand Up Meeting

A while back, someone told me that they were having trouble with their daily stand up meetings.

“What’s the issue?” I asked.

“People don’t like standing for such a long time,” came the response.

I was puzzled. Fifteen minutes doesn’t seem like such a long time to stand for most people.

So I asked more questions.

It turned out that the stand up meeting was lasting nearly an hour. The standup meeting started with one team, and as other people heard about how effective the meeting was, they started showing up. And talking. Pretty soon there were 40-some people at the meeting. So this meeting was something, but it wasn’t a daily stand up (and it wasn’t effective anymore, either).

All of which leads me to Jason Yip’s article, It’s Not Just Standing Up: Patterns of Daily Stand-up Meeting.

Most of what you need to know about stand up meetings. Thanks Jason.