I came across this survey when I was poking around

The Most Important Trait for Any IT Worker is…

Up-to-date technical skills : 14% (9 votes)

The ability to juggle multiple, constantly reprioritized tasks: 38% (25 votes)

Skin thick enough to take constant end-user abuse: 8% (5 votes)

The ability to say “no” without making people angry: 15% (10 votes)

A sense of humor: 26% (17 votes)

Total votes: 66

Assuming that the readers of are managers (and by implication senior managers), we’re in big trouble.

The respondants to this survey apparently want employees who have out-of-date technical skills and are thin-skinned yes-men and yes-women. And they’ll take those employees and subject them to multitasking on constanly shifting priorities.

I’m thinking they won’t be producing much working software.

(But maybe they’ll joke about it since a sense of humor is the second most desired characteristic.)