In the Top 10

Okay, I admit it. I check the Amazon ranking for Behind Closed Doors from time to time.

And this morning, we’re in the Top 10 for Computer Books on Amazon!!!!

Amit Asaravala reviewed BCD in SD’s People & Projects e-newsletter yesterday.

Amit says:

Rothman and Derby show Sam handling each of these issues–and many more–through a series of one-on-ones and team meetings that Sam holds in his first several weeks on the job. Each encounter is shown mostly through dialogue that allows the reader to see how Sam elicits information and actions from his direct reports and brings them together to work as a team. The result is a manual of conversations that managers can use as a general model for communicating with staff, or even adopt verbatim if necessary.

Best of all, the book addresses the more subtle issues that arise when managing people–for instance, what to do when one of your team members has a problem with another employee outside your group and expects you to resolve the matter by talking to the other employee’s boss.


I breezed through its 172 pages in roughly two hours one night and found myself jotting down all sorts of ideas for my team that I was looking forward to acting on as soon as I arrived at work the next morning. Any management book that elicits that reaction from me certainly gets my endorsement_and deserves to be kept anything but a secret.

That’s what we aimed for –- not theory, not a weighty tome, but a slim book of practical, pragmatic ideas and advice that managers can apply the very next day.