A while back I listened to David Allen’s Getting Things Done on audio book. (I remember noticing passive voice—which struck me as odd in a book about taking action.)

I haven’t implemented the system–or purchased the gear.

But I am practicing Next Action. For me, Next Action helps me get started on projects that don’t play to my strength (logistics planning, for example) or I don’t like, but have to do (like taxes).

Rather than having to figure out the entire project or devote hours, I decide on the simplest, smallest action I can take that will move the project forward.

When I take the smallest action, I usually keep going, and complete the project—in much less time than I spent thinking I *should* be working on it.. Next Action busts through inertia and gets the nasty tasks out of the way so I can do something I enjoy.

I suppose I could decide on the Next Action to implement the whole system…