Antidotes to Phrases that Stifle Thinking

I came across Joyce Wycoff’s site this morning. She’s got a couple of riffs on phrases that shut down thinking. You’ve probably heard most of them…

Yes, but….

We tried it last year.

It’s not in the budget.

It won’t work.

Management won’t buy it.

the great part is that there’s an antidote (that Wycoff calls a Leap Stimulator) to every crushing phrase:

Killer: Yes, but …

Leap Stimulator: Yes, and …

Killer: We tried it last year

Leap Stimulator: What did we learn that could make this try better?

Killer: It’s not in the budget

Leap Stimulator: How could we make it make sense financially?

Killer: It won’t work

Leap Stimulator: How could we make it work?

Killer: Management won’t buy it

Leap Stimulator: What would make management drool for it?

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