Trust and Authenticity

“To be more effective with others, we first need to become more effective with ourselves.” Kevin Cashman

I came across this piece by Cashman on FastCompany… it’s from 1999, and still worth reading.

Leadership is built on trust, and trust is build on authenticity. Here are three questions that Cashman poses to help think about your own authenticity:

Do you know yourself? Get in the habit of asking yourself two crucial questions: “Why do I pursue the work and the life that I do?” and “What do I act like during the most fulfilling times of my life?” Your answers will help you spot the defining thread of your experiences, and they will lead you to your purpose.

Do you know how to listen — and to hear? Most leaders think that not speaking is the same as listening. But hearing people’s words is only the beginning. Do you also hear their fears? Their intentions? Their aspirations? When you start to hear at a deeper level, you’ll start getting information from people. Better yet, people will know that you care about them, and they will eagerly commit to you.

What’s your appreciation ratio? In the business world, confrontation, criticism, and even hate are more socially acceptable than expressions of appreciation. That’s too bad, because appreciation is a truly value-creating activity. It energizes people, and it makes them want to exceed their goals and perceived limits.

These questions point to characteristics I see in effective managers…they know themselves, they know how to listen, and they notice and appreciate the people around them.

Unfortunately, the links to Cashman’s site don’t work.