James Bullock commented on an earlier post, The Delegation Test that one of the pitfalls for managers like Renee is that they often “Create a monoculture by hiring / keeping people who do things exactly the way they [sic] would.”

This is a hazard for any manager, not just micromanaging managers. Many people have a tendency to gravitate to people who are similar in values, background and outlook.

I heard a story about a research team that was a type-monoculture — everyone on the team had the same MBTI type. They were all bright and creative. After a year they had a ton of great ideas…. but nothing concrete and no plan to achieve anything concrete.

And I’ve heard managers say (really!) that they hire people who think like they do, but aren’t quite as smart — a prescription for failure! Who will challenge the managers thinking? Who will come up with new ways to do things?

A healthy range of perspectives is critical for a well-functioning group.

That said, look for people who can adapt to the culture of the organization and team.