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My clients call me when they’re not seeing the results they expect from their organization. They’ve tried new processes, change programs, and new methods. They may have the people and skills that should produce results–but something isn’t clicking, in spite of all their efforts.

Consulting & Organizational Change

I focus on working with my clients to create environments were people can do great work. To do that, I work on the individual, team, and management level. My aim is to shift the system towards better results.

My approach blends attention to humans and deep knowledge of complex adaptive systems. I support my clients to unravel perplexing problems and get unstuck.


Esther Derby

In addition to consulting, I have an extensive background in designing and leading experiential learning. I teach workshops both on-line and in-person around the world. My workshops support leaders to explore how to adapt the environment to amplify empowerment and evolve systems towards better results. Rather than sit passively and listen, participants in my workshops actively engage topics. Through exercises, simulations, and group discussions participant gain insights as well as practice new ideas.


Each year, I speak at several public and internal conferences, offering insights and practical actions to create workplaces that work better.

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