A Hands-on Workshop for Agile Teams

Learn essential teamwork skills.

Learn what it takes to be an effective member of an agile team, and how being part of an agile team is different from traditional manager-led teams. You’ll learn how to re-direct conflict into creative problem-solving, and how to achieve quality decisions in a team setting. Through simulations and practice, participants gain insights and essential tools for team membership.  This workshop enables each member to be an effective part of a team that is greater than the sum of its parts.

Course Objectives

Through simulations and small group activities we’ll explore how to create an environment where your teams can thrive.

You will learn:

  • Essential team leadership roles
  • How to diagnose sources of conflict
  • How to handle conflict in a way that builds relationships and trust
  • How teams can make decisions with speed and buy-in


Team members on Agile teams.


The workshop’s design and content will take your skills to the next level. In this session, you’ll learn how everyone can contribute to positive team dynamics. You will gains skills to increase trust and communication on your team.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  1. Leading When You Are Not THE Leader
    • Essential team leadership roles that support positive team dynamics
  2. Navigating Conflict
    • The nature and necessity of conflict
    • Recognizing sources of conflict
    • Strategies to navigate different types of conflicts
    • Coaching team members to solve their own conflicts
  3. Making Decisions as a Team
    • Different types of decisions
    • Anatomy of making a decision
    • Methods for decision making
  4. After the workshop
    • Resources
    • Staying Connected
    • Continual Learning

This full-day workshop is interactive and experiential. In order to have a rich experience with quality interactions, the minimum number of participants is 10, and the maximum is 16.

Please contact me to bring this class to your company.