A Workshop for Managers

Learn how to lead agile teams to success.

Gain a clear understanding of the unique dynamics inherent to self-organizing teams, and the important role management plays in creating the proper environment and constraints for them to truly thrive. Learn how to build a strong foundation for your teams, and explore how different environments and subtle differences set the stage for ultimate success or struggle.  Working in small peer groups you’ll have the opportunity to analyze your own teams, and identify ways you can empower them to take responsibility, and support them in achieving optimum success.

Course Objectives

Through simulations and small group activities we’ll explore how to create an environment where your teams can thrive.

You will learn:

  • How to create the conditions for teams to self-organize
  • Tools to reshape relationships from top-down management to partnership
  • Leadership behaviors for the agile organization
  • Seeing beyond impediments to patterns


Managers, directors, and others who have leadership position in an Agile organization.


In this session, you’ll learn how to create the conditions for  positive team dynamics. How to support bounded autonomy, responsibility, and engagements. You will gains skills to increase trust and communication within your organization.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  1. Welcome and Introductions
    • Intent of the workshop
  2. Creating the Conditions for Productive Teams
    • 60-90-10 principle
    • Enabling structures
    • Motivation
    • Specifying means and ends
  3. Underlying structures
    • Introduction
    • Analyzing real teams
  4. The up/down dynamic
    • Implications for trust & self-organization
    • Yours, Mine, Ours decision model
    • Co-creating expectations
  5. Leadership behaviors
    • How empowering leaders act
    • Matching behavior to ideals
  6. Wrap up
    • Take-aways
    • Resolutions for action

This full-day workshop is interactive and experiential. In order to have a rich experience with quality interactions, the minimum number of participants is 10, and the maximum is 16.

Please contact me to bring this class to your company.