On-Site Workshops

I offer several workshops to help you build a strong foundation for thriving agile teams, understand the unique dynamics of self-organizing teams, and boost team productivity. I also design and lead experiential workshops customized to your needs, goals, and unique situation. Call me or send me an email so we can discuss how an experiential workshop can lead to insights and action in your organization.

Leading Agile Teams: A Workshop for Managers

Coaching Self-Organizing Teams: A Workshop for Agile Coaches and Scrum Masters

Facilitate: A Workshop for Scrum Masters, Agile Coaches, and Team Leads

Teaming Up: A Hands-on Workshop for Agile Teams

Public Workshops: Spring 2018 Classes

Coaching Beyond the Team: Influencing the Organization

April, in Columbus, Ohio and May, in Stockholm, Sweden. Visit the Coaching Beyond the Team site to register.

I’m teaming up with long-time colleague and AYE co-founder Don Gray to offer a workshop for those whose job it is to help teams–and the organizations they work in–improve. We teach how to successfully influence both the team and the environment the team works in. Read more about Coaching Beyond the Team.

Problem Solving Leadership (PSL)

April in Albuquerque, New MexicoEmail me for information on how to register.

We believe that leadership is the key to building a healthy organization that can deal effectively with change. We teach that leadership is the ability to create an environment that enables everyone to contribute productively. We focus on process rather than procedure, on personal effectiveness rather than prescriptive strategies.

Now, more than ever, the world needs effective leaders who don’t really on positional power, charisma, persuasiveness. We need leaders who can act congruently within their sphere of influence to create an environment where every one is empowered to contribute to solving problems.

In early 2017, we wrote that we didn’t plan to schedule a workshop in 2017.

That has changed. 

Since 1974, PSL has been the gold standard for technical leaders (and leaders in technical organizations).   

PSL is built on sound principles of adult learning theory, general systems thinking, group process concepts, creativity and congruent human interaction.The workshop is based entirely on experiential learning. The simulations and other activities are designed to involve you totally in the experience of improving your problem solving effectiveness.

This will never change.

In November 2017, Don Gray will join me to create a workshop experience where you can reflect on and hone your unique leadership style.

Read more about PSL.