Managing Agile Teams

Some people say that self-organizing teams don’t need managers.  I beg to differ.  Self-organizing teams do need managers; however, they need a different kind of management than manager-led teams.  In this workshop, we’ll look at the work of managers supporting self-organizing teams.  We’ll look at how to give a team the best chance to succeed and explore tools to help you make the transition from big boss to supportive leader.

Audience: Managers

Pre-requisites: None.

Participants will learn:

  • The critical conditions for teams to self-organize, and how to establish them
  • Methods for establishing decision boundaries with the team
  • How to ensure visibility into the work the team does
  • How to guide the team without dictating
  • Traps and dynamics that prevent teams from self-organizing

Duration: 2 days

This workshop is limited to 15 participants to ensure high-quality interaction, sharing, and learning.

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Course Topics

  • Introduction, context and overview
  • Critical conditions for self-organizing teams
  • Observing and tuning the critical conditions
  • Ensuring visibility into the work
  • Creating a decision boundary matrix
  • Using the Guide Quadrants
  • Locking and oscillating dynamics

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