Designing Your Environment for Agile SuccessI help you create a company environment, culture, and dynamics that are positive, mutually receptive and reinforcing, so that your people and teams have the capacity to achieve great things.

The Core: Values, Mission and Vision

Whether you’ve articulated them or not, values affect every aspect of your company.

Values telegraph your beliefs. Values clearly communicate what is truly important and how you feel people should be treated.

Your mission and vision communicate how your company sees itself in the market and in relationship to your customers.

The Foundations: Governance, Policies, Organizational Structures

Foundations determine how well your people will be able to put values, mission and vision into action. They set the rules and boundaries that either support or hinder excellence, innovation, collaboration, flexibility, transparency, and more.

When the core and foundations reinforce and support each other, your organizational capacity expands. Your people and teams will communicate more fluidly, solve problems more easily, and work on the most valuable priorities.

When they are not–when there are contradictions, or confusing signals, your people are hampered, and your organizational capacity contracts.

Functional Dynamics

Alignment or contradiction show up in  six day-to-day Functional Dynamics.

Clarity means your people know what to work on and why.

Morale multiplies effectiveness for your teams and managers.

When clarity and trust are present, management shifts from telling and selling to the context to create possibilities.

Group effectiveness is evidenced by the level of candor, the quality of collaboration and the means provided to your groups do their work.

The quality of decision making determines whether decisions are made or whether they lead to action.

Capability is relates to the quality and appropriateness of the skills, practices and processes employed in the daily environment.

But… increasing a skill or adding a process without attending to the environment as a whole, provides–at best–a marginal improvement, and cannot sustain meaningful innovation and the ongoing success of an Agile initiative.

When ALL of your Functional Dynamics are operating in a positive way, your entire organization becomes high-functioning, optimizing your organizational capacity. That happens when the foundations of governance, policies, and structures clearly reflect your organization’s core values, mission, and vision.

Let’s create an exquisite alignment that optimizes your capacity for productivity and success, now and into the future.

Call me. I’m always delighted to share ideas and insights with those striving to create a truly agile environment that enables and champions excellence.  Whether you are starting small or rolling out, my passion and ability to help you is not determined by the size of your initiative.  We always start where we are.  My objective is always to maximize the potential of where you can go from here.