Coaching Beyond the TeamSession 1:  Exploring the Current Team Dynamic

In our first session, we’ll build a holistic view of current team dynamics.  We’ll look at the patterns and issues you are seeing and discuss the scope of your current engagement.

Session 2:  Discovering Your Current Scope of Influence

Once we have a shared picture of the dynamics and issues we’ll explore and map your current sphere of influence, and how it maps to the issues and patterns that need to change in order for your teams to reach the next level.

Session 3: Using Pictures, Rather than 1000 Words to Influence

Handing a someone an impediments list is a sure way to loose influence. So, rather than rely on telling people what to do our what the problem is, we’ll explore ways that you can use diagrams to build understanding and reveal underlying dynamics.

Session 4: Discovering Options for Action

Often direct action isn’t effective with messy, systemic problems. In this session, we’ll discuss how to identify leverage points. design experiments, and prepare for adaptive action.

Session 5:  Building Rapport

In this session, we’ll focus on your relationships with people you need to influence. We’ll look at how to start building rapport, take an empathic perspective, and reframe relationships that are not yet optimal.

Session 6: Opening Lines of Communication

Unless someone has specifically agreed to accept your advice, you won’t get very far. In this session, we’ll explore how to make contact and establish the psychological contract that underpins coaching.

Session 7: Assessing the Impact

In our final session, we’ll review the arc of our work together, draw out learnings, assess progress, and identify next actions to solidify your foundations for coaching beyond the team.


Fee: $2275 for 7 sessions arranged at our mutual convenience.

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