Learn how to coach beyond the team.
Coaching Beyond the Team
Agile coaches and Scrum Masters face many challenges. They have no authority to insist people listen or do, yet managers and executives expect organization-wide results from their activities. Furthermore, many executives see clearly how teams should change, but don’t see how the environment or their own actions impact teams. Handing those managers an impediment list isn’t a winning strategy.

In our Coaching Beyond the Team workshop, you will learn how to establish credibility and rapport to influence and coach beyond the team. You’ll learn how to use diagrams to create understanding, and share data in a way that enables managers to take action.

Course Objectives

Through simulations and small group activities we’ll explore common organizational patterns and dynamics. Through discussion and practice, you’ll learn tools that will help you communicate the changes needed to unleash productivity.

You will learn:

  • How the language we use supports or inhibits the changes we want to bring.
  • How to see the visible and invisible structures in the organization which sustain the current pattern.
  • How similarities and differences create change dynamics.
  • How problems extend into the organization.
  • How to discover and depict factors that affect the situation, and how they influence each other.
  • How to choose which actions to take first.


The workshop’s design and content will take your skills to the next level. You’ll learn techniques for understanding the real problem. New analysis tools will reveal the real company, which bears little resemblance to the chart hanging on the wall. Experiential exercises will make this part of your coaching DNA.

In this workshop we’ll cover:

  1. Laying the Groundwork
    • Forming a learning community
    • The language of change
    • Change Artist roles
    • Connections
  2. Entering Groups
    • Activity / Debrief
    • Analysis tools
      • Shape of the Problem
      • Finding Factors
      • Influence Diagrams
      • Other diagrams (as time permits)
  3. Sustaining Change
    • Human Systems Dynamics
      • Containers
      • Differences
      • Exchanges
  4. After the workshop
    • Resources
    • Staying Connected
    • Continual Learning

See the Workshops page at CoachingBeyongTheTeam.com

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“Pure gold!” …Paul Sutton @FragileAgile

“Highly interactive and engaging activities followed by thought-provking conversations.” …Andrew Saeman, Senior Agile Consultant at Centare.

“This is an exciting, eye-opening workshop that provided creative and innovative techniques for coaching teams while assisting participants in developing their Agile network.”  …Kathleen Kannan

Don & Esther discuss the importance of rapport when you want to influence someone outside the team.

Don & Esther talk about language in relationship to coaching and change.

How is coaching a team different from coaching individuals?

Agile Coach Camp US 2014 interview with Bob Payne of Agile Toolkit.