Coaching & Mentoring

Just-in-Time Coaching/Mentoring

Just-in-Time Coaching is perfect for real-time problem solving, trouble-shooting, and exploring alternate perspectives.  Whether your issue involves leadership or coaching dynamics, a Just-in-Time Coaching session can unblock the issue and provide a path forward. When you book a Just-inTime Coaching session, come with a defined situation or issue to work on so that we can identify the most effective and appropriate solutions and approaches for you.

Use my on-line booking system to schedule a session.

Individual & Group Coaching/Mentoring Engagements

I provide continuous improvement coaching by phone to individuals, teams and groups. Every coaching relationship is unique. I start every engagement with a conversation about your goals and challenges. Our first conversation is always free, and there’s never any obligation.

During our first conversation we’ll get to know each other and determine how best I can help you.

We’ll talk about what you want to get out of coaching, what your goals are, and the topics we might explore. I’ll ask you about your back ground, your current role, and the challenges you face. I’ll share my back ground and experiences and we’ll discuss ideas as we explore the issues you want to tackle.

By the end of the conversation, we’ll both have a better understanding of how we can design a coaching engagement that best speaks to your needs and priorities.

For Executives

I provide executive coaching and advisory services to help you build a strong foundation and grow your company. I can help you design policies and structures to execute your vision and deliver value to your customers and employees.

For Managers

I can help you build a productive work culture and tailor your management practices. I can help you solve problems, coach you on difficult conversations, and understand what data will help you do your job. If you are new to management, I can help you make a successful transition from doing work to creating an environment for others to do great work.

For Teams

I provide coaching to teams that are actively working together to achieve a common goal. I can help you understand and fine tune the way you work together, solve problems, and reach decisions.

For Groups of People in Similar Jobs

I help people who are in similar roles learn from each other, see patterns across organizations, and explore new ways of working.

Call me at +1 612 239 1214 or email me, and we’ll schedule a your initial free conversation.


$325 for each 1-hour individual coaching session.
Scheduled at our mutual convenience.

$900 for team or group coaching with up to 6 people.
Group sessions are an hour-and-a-half long.
Scheduled at our mutual convenience.

If you have questions about coaching services and fees, please contact me at +1 612.239.1214.