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Five Tips for Retrospective Leaders and Meeting Moderators

This article first appeared on Few people enjoy meetings that waste time in swirling discussions. Fewer still like meetings where their ideas and opinions are solicited and then ignored. Retrospective leaders (and anyone else who leads group discussions) need the tools to help groups think, discuss, and decide effectively. Below are five tips to…

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Seven Ways to Revitalize Your Sprint Retrospectives

This article first appeared on Retrospectives are an integral part of Scrum. But too often, when I talk to Scrum teams, they tell me that they’ve stopped doing retrospectives. “We’ve run out of things to improve,” one ScrumMaster said. Another complained that after six sprints, they were saying the same things over and over…

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Looking Back, Moving Forward: Retrospectives Help Teams Inspect and Adapt

This article first appeared on Not long ago, I received a call from someone who wanted to hold a retrospective. “Tell me about your goals for the retrospective,” I prompted. The requestor proceeded to describe what amounted to a mini-witch hunt. If you really want to wreak havoc with a team, try having a…

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Eight Reasons Retrospectives Fail (And What You Can Do about Them)

This article first appeared on I’ve seen retrospectives help teams make major improvements. Yet, each time I talk to a group about retrospectives, someone always tells me, “We tried retrospectives, and they don’t work for us.” Why? My inquiries revealed eight common reasons behind retrospective failures. Some failures happen before the retrospective starts, some…

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Making Retrospective Changes Stick

Retrospectives become a waste of time if the changes and improvements agreed upon in the meeting are never accomplished. Esther Derby believes in the power of retrospectives. And she knows firsthand that it’s easy to talk about a change, but not always easy to actually do something differently. In this week’s column, Esther shares experiences that illustrate this point and offers advice on how to make changes stick.

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