Peer-to-Peer Feedback

One of the traps people fall into on teams is withholding information that’s critical for the team to function. Sometimes the information is about friction between team members. When team members don’t have a way to talk about small frictions, they turn in to big events, damage relationships and spill over onto the team.  So … Continue reading Peer-to-Peer Feedback

No More Middleman: Avoid triangulated feedback

Tom looked up to see Jonathan, who had just transferred onto the team, standing in the doorway to his office. Jonathan looked red and flustered. “What’s up, Jonathan? Looks like you’ve got something on your mind,” Tom said, waving Jonathan in and pulling up a chair for him. Jonathan slumped into the chair. “You know … Continue reading No More Middleman: Avoid triangulated feedback

A Manager’s Guide to Getting Feedback

© 2006-2010 Esther Derby Author’s Note: In general, anonymous feedback in the workplace doesn’t work. It destroys trust, and doesn’t give the opportunity for followup, clarification, or problem-solving. But there is an exception.  Sometimes the only way to get feedback up the chain–from direct reports to managers–is to use a process that anonymizes individual responses, … Continue reading A Manager’s Guide to Getting Feedback

Real-time Feedback

(c) 2003-2010 Esther Derby This column originally appeared on Twice a week, I go to the gym and weight train with Brooke Darst, a Certified Personal Trainer. As I perform my exercises, Brooke provides a constant stream of feedback: Minor corrections, “Chin in! Lower your right shoulder. Stand up straight!” Encouragement, “Perfect!” and recognition … Continue reading Real-time Feedback

Performance without Appraisal: Build Feedback into the System

At the start of my series on Performance without Appraisal, I listed the goals that organizations hope to achieve with annual performance appraisals and so-called performance management systems: improve individual performance improve organizational results determine pay/promotion These are legitimate concerns. The data shows, and my experience tells me, that annual appraisals fail miserably with the … Continue reading Performance without Appraisal: Build Feedback into the System

When there’s disagreement on feedback data

In my previous post, I described a framework for offering feedback on work results and work relationships. Step 2 is Describe behavior or results. Use neutral language and examples. If the person doesn’t recognize himself in the description or agree with the data, the conversation is over. Labels, comparatives, and absolutes raise defenses. Karen asks: … Continue reading When there’s disagreement on feedback data

The Benefits of Peer Feedback

Peer feedback is a core skill for collaboration. It’s impossible to work closely with out running into some bumps: differences, disappointments, and disagreements. Peer to peer feedback can help keep working relationships on track and improve results (and it keeps the manager out of the transaction so it doesn’t be come a *big deal*). I … Continue reading The Benefits of Peer Feedback

Feedback Doesn’t Just Roll Down Hill

Many organizations have a model that feedback rolls down hill. The VPs give feedback to the Directors that report to them. Directors give feedback to the Managers. Managers give feedback to developers. It all cascades downward. A manager’s job is to create an environment where the people who report to him/her can succeed. While it’s … Continue reading Feedback Doesn’t Just Roll Down Hill