The Team Effect

March 22nd, 2012
A while back, I posted a little mind map about business costs of a struggling team.  But what about the benefits of the team effect?  What does a business gain when teams thrive?

the benefits of the team effect

The Benefits of the Team Effect


  1. Awesome!!!!!! Gonna post on meeting room wall in big size

  2. Yes! That’s totally the team I have been and am building. Well, we’re just one team among others but.

    I wish I could print out a huge one :D

  3. Rick says:

    Nice! If a picture is worth a thousand words then that graph is worth a million.

    How ’bout a million word description for us on your next blog post? :-)

  4. Paul Jackson says:

    Thanks for sharing this Esther. I printed off a copy and we compared our Dev team to the various behaviours. It was interesting to see that we ticked off most of the “soft” behaviours on the right, but not so many of the “technical” behaviours on the left. So this has provided a very easy way of measuring our “thriving team” maturity and will no doubt help us formulate ideas for continuous improvement.

    Thanks again!

  5. Aditya Rustgi says:

    This is phenomenal. This deserves a wall on the room of every engineering organization.

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