Agile Teams at Scale: Beyond Scrum of Scrums

December 27th, 2011
Agile methods depend on effective cross-functional teams. We’ve heard many Agile success stories…at the team level. But what happens when a product can’t be delivered by one team?  What do you do when the “team” that’s needed to work on a particular product is 20 people?  Or 20 teams?

There are no simple answers. But there are design principles for defining workable arrangements when the product is bigger than a handful of agile teams.

Some principles and practices to guide scaling Agile teams.


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  2. Rod Claar says:

    Nice Esther!
    I find that there is often a need for an architecture/technology group that works to prioritize enterprise needs while minimizing the duplication of system capablities.

    Rod Claar, CST

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  4. Interesting topic!

    I wrote a pattern on this topic called Integration Scrum. You can read it at

    Cesario, PST

  5. Florin says:

    Great ideas – I have 2 questions:
    1. Do you see any of the integrating team members, component shepherds and tech councils being full time roles or they belong to a context feature team and act on these other roles only part of their time?
    2. How do you se the tech councils operate?

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