Shifting Organizational Patterns

I’ve been talking about (and using) Human Systems Dynamics tools lately–Rally Success Tour, OTUG, Practical Agility and Retrospective Workshops in Stockholm.

I find Containers, Differences, Exchanges offers my clients (and me) a useful way to see past events and see structures. Working at the level of structures gives both insights and opens up opportunities for action.

My slides (or the March 16 variation of my slides):

And here’s my talk at the Rally Event in February:

5 Replies to “Shifting Organizational Patterns”

  1. Esther,

    I love the way you do your slides. Can you share how you make them? (My guess would be some sort of tablet + pen…)

    The style helps make the content much more accessible for me.

    Thanks for sharing.

    – Michael

    • Hi, MIchael –

      I am using Brushes on the iPad with an elogo stylus. It’s really changed the way I do presentation slides.

      BTW, I’m out of the country and suffering email woes, which is why I haven’t answered your email. I can receive email, but not send it. ( Just occurred to me that I could have used skype 🙁 )

  2. Esther, i also like the style very much however, i must admit that i’m not able to read your handwriting easily all the time. Especially if it’s “bold” and small.

    But might be an “european effect” 😉


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