Thinking Together

When I went to school, there was a lot of emphasis on learning to think well on our own. That’s a critical skill, and we won’t get far without it.

And, when we start working in teams, we need to be able to think and solve problems as a member of a group — to think together.

Alot of the work I do is helping groups think together. So I’ve developed my facilitation skills, learned about group process, and how groups work and think together. And I’m always looking for methods and exercises to use in retrospectives, planning, problem-solving and other group processes.

Last week I came across two new (to me) sites:

IAF Methods Database (via Jon Jenkins) has a growing collection of methods for planning, sharing information, generating ideas, and reaching decisions. It also has methods for intervening when things are stuck or running amok.

The other (via Diana Larsen) purports to be the definitive source for Idea Generation Methods. It has lots of idea generation methods (though I cannot confirm that it contains “all known” idea generation methods as the title claims).

Have fun!