Back online

I’m back online. Blogger seems to work just fine with the new hosting provider, Pair Networks.

I did try to resolve the issue with my previous hosting provider — and found their trouble ticket process fascinating. Each individual response was timely and polite. And as part of each response, the technician closed the trouble ticket….whether or not the trouble was solved (it never was).

I’d send something like:

“I’m having trouble FTPing to my website from Blogger. Here’s what I’ve tried: X, Y, Z.

I can access my site using FTP from my local machine, but not when I try to FTP via Blogger.”

I’d get a response like:

“X, Y, and Z work. We have also tested FTP to your site. We were able to add a file.

Trouble ticket closed.”

Then I’d reopen the ticket, pointing out that the problem was still unresolved.

Bet these folks are being measured on the time the trouble ticket is in the queue and how many tickets they close.