Happy Birthday Dear Blog….

I’ve noticed a bunch of blogs I read have been marking first anniversaries recently.

Me, too! My first entry was last year on 2/16.

Here’s a little blog reflection (using the form of Focused Conversation):

What stands out?

Lots of blog entries. I printed them out and created quite a stack of paper.

Finding other bloggers who share a similar approach or interests.

Last spring sometime there was a glitch with one of my on-line columns. The person who could fix it was out for the week, so I posted the corrected version on my blog and pointed people from the site to my blog. The power of instant publishing.

Where have the challenges been?

Keeping up a regular pace when I was on the road, especially last fall.

Finding something that caught my energy.

Limiting myself to one something that caught my energy.

What’s been exciting?

Meeting some of those kindred spirits, if only via email/blogs (so far).

Seeing people turn blog entries into articles —

Tim Van Tongeren’s post on information radiators grew into an article for STQE

Tim Bacon’s post on questions for coaches grew into an article for Agile Times

Frank Patrick’s article on TOC processes in STQE.

Johanna has a bunch of posts turned articles.

And so have I — including my post on secrets of building morale

(these are just a handful I’m aware of… I’m sure there are more.)

Keeping up a (fairly) regular pace, even when I was on the road.

Hearing from people who find my blog helpful.

How has blogging fulfilled your hopes and anticipations?

I’ve written on a regular basis, and have lots of “fieldstones” — blogging has supported my other writing. I’ve written several articles and columns that started as blog posts.

I have a place to start looking when I have a writing deadline and I’m not coming up with any topics that engage my interest.

I’ve learn from reading other people’s blogs… I’m very pleased about that.

What does this tell you about your next steps

I’m going to read through my stack of blog entry print outs and see what the patterns, themes, and shifts are.

And maybe write some more.

And keep blogging.