Finally, something about football.

After this afternoon’s football game my husband and I took a walk around the lake. That’s what we do here in Minnesota, we walk around “the lake.” Never mind that there are over 13,000 lakes larger than 4 acres; all lakes are all “the lake.” But I digress.

I was making dutiful “listening sounds” until some thing he said caught my attention.

Mike Tice (head coach of the MN Vikings) has been bringing in some of the best technical experts in the field to work with his team to increase their skills. And he brought in an expert on coaching to assess how he was doing his job — to see what he could do better.

What a concept. When the team is struggling to improve, don’t just look at what the team can do better; look at what the manager can do better!

I suspect that most of the time, at least in our field, we tend to look at what’s not working in team:

Do the members of the team have the technical skills?

Do they understand the domain?

Can they work hard?

Do they communicate well and get along?

Are they smart enough?

What about how the manager’s actions are effecting the performance of the group?

Does the manager understand the dynamics of software development?

Can he/she set priorities?

Deliver effective feedback?

Work with the customer?

Set goals?

Create an environment for success?

I like the idea of brining in a coach for the head coach. We should try that in software.