Get out of that rut!

I found the RENEWAL 50 on Tom Peters site (via John Porcaro)

My favorites:

1. Go to the nearest magazine shop. Now. Spend 20 minutes. Pick up 20–twenty!–magazines. None should be ones you normally read. Spend the better part of a day perusing them. Tear stuff out. Make notes. Create files. Goal: Stretch! Repeat …monthly …or at least bimonthly.

3. Take off this Wednesday afternoon. Wander the closest mall — for two hours. Note the stuff you like. (And hate.) Products, merchandising, whatever. Repeat…bimonthly.

4. Buy a packet of 3×5-inch notecards. Carry them around with you. Always. Record cool stuff. Awful stuff. Daily. Review your card pack every Sunday. (Obsess on this!)

6. Project stuck in a rut? Look through your Rolodex. Who’s the oddest duck in there? Call her/him. Invite her/him to lunch. Pick her/his brain for a couple of hours about your project.

7. Create a new habit: Visit your Rolodex. Once a month. Pick a name of someone interesting you’ve lost touch with. Take her/him to lunch … next week.

8. New habit: You’re in a meeting. Someone you don’t know makes an interesting contribution. Invite him/her to lunch … in the next two weeks.

9. You run across somebody interesting. As a matter of course, ask her (him) what.s the best thing she/he.s read in the last 90 days. Order it from … this afternoon.

10. Take tomorrow afternoon off. Rain or shine. Wander a corner of the city you’ve never explored before.

11. Go to the local Rite Aid. Buy a $2 notebook. Title it Observations I. Start recording. Now. Anything and everything. (Now=Now)

15. Read a provocative article in a business journal. Triggers a thought? E-mail the author. So what if you never hear back? (The odds are actually pretty high that you will. Trust me.)

47. Call the Principal Client for your last project. Ask her to lunch. Within the next two weeks. Conduct a no-holds-barred debriefing on how you and your team did… and might have done.

48. Call the wisest person you know. (A fabulous professor you had 15 years ago?) Ask her/him to lunch. Ask her/him if he or she would be willing to sit with you for a couple of hours every quarter to talk about what you’ve done/where you are going. (Try it. It can’t hurt)

Actually, alot of these work for writers, too 🙂