I provide coaching and mentoring to executives, managers, agile coaches/consultants, and change artists.

Working together one-on-one we tackle the issues you face at work. Each coaching relationship is unique. We’ll start by having a conversation about your challenges and hopes and take it from there.

In addition to continuous improvement coaching, I offer Just-in-Time coaching for when you want to unwedge a specific issue, and CoachPacks, which follow an arc of learning for a particular topic.



I offer workshops, both on-site and public, to help you build a strong foundation for thriving agile teams, manage, and coach in a team environment.

I also design and lead experiential workshops customized to your needs, goals, and unique situation.

Upcoming public classes:

Coaching Beyond the Team

September: Toronto

Visit details, registration, and to add your name to the notification list for future classes.

Problem Solving Leadership (PSL)

November: Albuquerque, New Mexico.



An in-depth Assessment of your Organizational Dynamics is a powerful process that uncovers key issues and opportunities, and provides guidance to address both.

A typical assessment spans three to five days and involves Discovery and Joint Working Sessions to develop an Action Plan that best addresses your objectives. Each Action Plan includes Continuity Coaching to ensure you have the support and guidance to meet your goals.

Together, we engage in a thorough process of discovery to gain a holistic view of your organizational dynamics and develop an action plan to achieve optimum success.




I speak at a number of conferences both public and internal, covering topics such as leadership, organizational dynamics, teams, change, and scaling agility.  I’ve been a speaker at the annual Agile Alliance conference every year since 2004.  I’ve also spoken at conferences in Sweden, Norway, England, Scotland, Germany, New Zealand, and France.

If you are interested in arranging a high impact talk for your company or a keynote for your conference, contact me to discuss your needs, potential topics, and scheduling.  You may reach me by email or call me at +1 612 239 1214.

I sat down for a nice chat with Dave Prior at Agile2015 in Washington, D.C.

Agile 2015 Video Podcast – Esther Derby from Agile Alliance on Vimeo.